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Urban legend

The moment you try riding an S-Bike, you will realize you have never experienced anything like it before. Foldable electric bicycle F50e will transform your view on cycling forever. Biking trips will get new dimensions and even the most remote places will become easily accessible. S-Bike F50e boasts a lightweight aluminium housing and who whole bicycle combined with battery and everything weights only 22 kg. With the help of a strong Samsung battery it can provide assistance for up to 65 km in ECO mode, with just one charging. What is more, charging is done simply by plugging it into a classic 220V socket.

Concept F50e

F50e completely changes our perspective on how we are using a bike. With the help of a powerful electric engine it enables us to ride up-hill without any effort. Furthermore, you can easily reach a speed of 25 km/h. You can choose between seven different gears with a simple user interface. Even professional cyclists will envy the acceleration you will get with an S-Bike. F50e has a range of 65 km. You can also choose between sport and ECO mode. The first will provide full power and fast acceleration while the latter is meant for the longest range with one charging.

Charging the battery

The charging itself is easy and quick – simply plug it into an ordinary 220V socket. The charging takes up to 5 hours, depending on battery percentage. You can remove the battery from the bike with a key, so you can charge it wherever you want, while the bike stays parked in your garage or folded in your engine room on your boat. Simple, practical and effective.


Battery capacity: 7800mAh

Battery manufacturer: Samsung

Why choose the new F50e?

F50e is a remake of the model Smart 01, the first electric S-Bike. The new model F50e is a product of improvements based on customer feedback. One of the novelties is the option of choosing between pearl white and graphite grey, which makes it perfect for people who consider their bicycles a style accessory. It also inherited modern electronics from the bigger models, which allows for smoother ride and optimised range. Improvements have also been done on the housing, the handle bar is now adjustable by height with a written scale on it, for easier adjustments. The models with mudguards also have a new generation of S-Bikes LED lighting. The front light, back light and board computer illumination now turn on simultaneously with a press of one button.

You can choose between pearl white and graphite black color.

Standard equipment

  • LED front and back light
  • perforated highly effective disc brakes
  • 3-arm cast rims in matt black color
  • 7-level gearbox SHIMANO
  • board computer
  • S-BIKES iQ user interface with 5 different modes
  • integrated alarm
  • foldable pedals
  • front suspension
  • battery Samsung (36V, 7800 mAh),
  • powerful 250W electric motor
  • foldable and adjustable by height handle bar
  • adjustable by height comfort seat
  • foldable housing S-BIKES F50e.
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