Fuel cells

SFC Energy AG is a leading provider of methanol and hydrogen fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid energy systems. It is based in Germany, Munich and has production facilities in the Netherlands, Romania and Canada. For Slovenia, our company is the official representative.


Efoy fuel cells represent the ideal energy generator for 12V and 24V batteries. The built-in charging controller constantly monitors the battery charge and automatically charges it if necessary. This system ensures that the batteries are always charged and protects them from being completely discharged. Efoy fuel cells operate using Direct Methanol Fuel Cell technology, where they convert chemical energy into electricity without intermediate stages and high losses. For the production of electricity, methanol is used in the fuel cartridge, which is supplemented with oxygen from the air. Cells are very efficient and environmentally friendly, as only produce heat and water vapour with little carbon dioxide generated in addition to the energy produced.


EFOY batteries require EFOY fuel cartridges for their operation. With the M10 cartridge (10 liters), you are self-sufficient for up to 4 weeks. Due to the safety lock, you do not come into contact with fuel and the cartridge when changing.