Battery charger

The main function of a battery charger is to charge the battery when the charger is connected to shore power.

WhisperPower’s battery chargers convert any AC voltage or frequency to a smooth 12, 24 or 48 VDC voltage. Using WhisperPower’s battery chargers ensure a FAST and COMPLETE charge of the battery. As a result, the life time of the battery is much longer.

Our range consists of our low power HANDY series, the multiple output SUPREME series and our heavy duty, high output DC POWERCUBE series.


The WP Handy range is suitable for recreational and semi-professional use. Easy to install, it includes a detailed display and easy battery type programmer.

Our Handy chargers are extremely compact battery chargers. They can be used in wet environments (IP 65 class) and are designed to charge AGM, GEL and wet batteries quickly and completely.

  • WBC Handy 12V-2A
  • WBC Handy 12V-7A
  • WBC Handy 12V 15A

WP Supreme Battery Chargers

The WP Supreme battery chargers are suitable for any type of battery and any input voltage. Featuring a fully automatic charge process means switching off is not needed. Three separate outputs, 3-stage charge characteristic and temperature sensor delivered as standard.

  • WBC Supreme 12V-20A
  • WBC Supreme 12V-60A
  • WBC Supreme 24V-30A
  • WBC Supreme Pro 12V-40A
  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-25A
  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-40A
  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-60A
  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-80A
  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-100A


DC Power Cube: high power devices designed for professional use. This range, designed for hard wiring, is available in two variations.

As an integral part of our Genverter DC diesel battery charger. Batteries are charged when land power is connected or the diesel engine is running.

As a separate high power three multi-stage battery charger, connected to land/ shore power and/ or an AC generator.

  • DC PowerCube 48V-80A
  • DC PowerCube 24V-150A

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