WhisperPower’s sine wave inverters convert a 12 or 24 V battery voltage into high quality house hold electricity. Low power appliances such as vaccuum cleaners, computers, chargers for phones and tablets do not require a diesel or gasoline generator but can be operated by an inverter instead. On an inverter, any 230V / 50 Hz appliance can be used at any time, without the need of a running engine. WhisperPower inverters are often used in combination with DC BeltPower alternators, connected to the main engine.

WhisperPower offers two variants:

  • WP-Sine series, these inverters are available in 400W, 1000W and 2000W (12VDC or 24VDC)

  • AC PowerCube, these high-power inverters are available in 7000W and 14000W (24VDC or 48VDC)


WP-Sine series

AC Power from the battery without generator

The WP-Sine inverter opens up a world of opportunities as it enables the use of practical home appliances, such as coffee machines, microwaves and other kitchen equipment, to be used on board. WhisperPower’s sinewave inverters are completely silent ‘generators’, providing 230V/ 50Hz (120V/ 60Hz) from a battery. Modern inverters like the WP-Sine range are compact,light weight, efficient and robust. Our WP range is easy to self install and does require any maintenance.

These products are an ideal add-on to an existing installation where a battery charger is already installed can be used.

General characteristics:

  • Choice of 400, 1000 Watt or 2000 Watt models

  • Can be connected to a 12 (24V) battery

  • Plug and play: AC output socket (EU, UK, USA) and DC terminals

  • Negligible power loss in conversion from battery to AC power

  • USB connection at front to charge telephone etc. (no charger needed)

  • Peak power capability of 200%

  • Remote on/ off facility, built in LED display on front (DC and AC information)

  • WP Sine 12V-400W
  • WP Sine 12V-1000W
  • WP Sine 12V-2000W
  • WP Sine 24V-500W
  • WP Sine 24V-2000W

AC PowerCube

The AC PowerCube inverter is the ideal solution to combine compact and silenced diesel generator technology with professional high power inverter technology.

This sine wave, switched mode inverter, with a CONTINUOUS power rating of 7 kVA, is designed for NON STOP operation, even under harsh environmental circumstances. In our Hybrid power systems, the AC PowerCube is the prime power source, providing a high quality low distortion 230 V/50 Hz (120 V 60 Hz) to the various on- board AC appliances. The GENVERTER generator supports the AC load indirectly whilst also charging the battery at the same time. Unlike systems with non-stop running generators, the AC PowerCube system does not waste any energy: the system only takes the power from the battery that is actually needed to operate the AC appliances.

General characteristics:

  • Powerful switch mode sine wave inverter for non-stop use

  • 7kVA continuous output power, 14kVA max

  • Can be extended to 2 x 7kVA = 14kVA, 28kVA peak

  • Efficiency 93%, limited power loss in DC to AC conversion

  • Heavy duty DC connections (2 x battery +, 2 x battery -)

  • Heavy duty AC connections, all hard wiring

  • WhisperConnect CAN connectivity

  • Super silent, no humming – switched mode technology

  • AC PowerCube 24V-14000W
  • AC PowerCube 24V-10000W
  • AC PowerCube 24V-7000W
  • AC PowerCube 24V-4000W

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