Sleipner is a renowned technology company known worldwide. Especially for their thrusters and stabilisers. They set the standard for other manufacturers of nautical equipment in both the recreational and commercial sectors.

Sleipner = Side Power

At STAL MAR company, we provide expert advice and offer a wide range of Side-Power thrusters and necessary equipment for the recreational boating sector. As authorized dealers appointed by Sleipner AB, we cater to both existing and new business partners interested in selling Sleipner thrusters, stabilizers, and anchor winches. We maintain a comprehensive stock of spare parts and components, including control levers, joysticks, control panels, relays, fuses, fuse holders, S-link components, and, of course, DC thrusters starting from 30Hp power rating.

We invite you to visit our showroom located at 89 Tbilisi Street in Ljubljana, where you can firsthand experience our products. Our team will be delighted to provide guidance and assistance in selecting the most suitable equipment for your needs.