Sasga first started building boats in 1978 on an island called Menorca (Spain). From the start they made classic, comfortable, very stable and timeless boats. Sasga kept their tradition till now.  Designers wanted their boats to maintain the handcrafted looks, while still looking advanced and beautiful. As the result we can present you their line of boats called  Menorquin.

Menorquin 34

This boat is comfortable and versatile. Because of only 0.6 m draught it’s perfect for exploring the most hidden coves of the coast. It’s such a practical boat, you can just relax and enjoy the  moments it offers.

Total lenght: 10,00 m
Maximum speed: 21 kn
Number of cabins: 2
Number of beds: 4+2
Recommended engines: 2 x 225 hp

Menorquin 42

This beautiful vessel is made for exploring. They have achieved very low fuel consumption with two powerful 300hp engines. This boat can take you to even the most remote of places.

Total lenght: 13,20 m
Maximum speed: 23 kn
Number of cabins: 2+1
Number of beds: 4+3
Recommended engines: 2 x 300 hp

Menorquin 54

Our description of 54 is elegance and spaciousness. It’s made for long passages and travelling. You can relax on 4.6m high flybridge and enjoy the view. Perfect for making unforgettable moments with friends and family.

Total lenght: 16,50 m
Maximum speed: 23 kn
Number of cabins: 3+1
Number of beds: 6+2+1
Recommended engines: 2 x 435hp

Menorquin 68

In Sasga’s measures it’s called the giant. It’s biggest and most luxurious yacht in Minorchino line. Made for people who like the highest standards and classic look. This one just draws attention.

Total lenght: 21,28 m
Maximum speed: 24 kn
Number of cabins: 4+1/3+1*
Number of beds: 12*
Recommended engines: 2 x 750 hp

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