The company is aiming to manufacture luxurious and modern power semidisplacing/planning, long range, trawler motor yachts , strongly based on concepts of reliability and sea-worthiness. Sundeck Yachts offers you the timeless classic appeal of vintage displacing yachts & vintage leisure ships, combined and enriched with contemporary modern elements of style, which in no way undermines the breaking rules innovation brought in yachting industry by Sundeck.

Sundeck 450

Its design takes clear inspiration from traditional trawler yachts and italian navettas with clearly modern reinterpretation. The 450 can speed up to 25 knots, to compete with planning hull yacht performance.

Sundeck 550

The main characteristics of the model are the amount of room inside and the huge sun beds, as well as the outside living spaces on deck. This is also the first model they made.

Sundeck 670

With its 21m, Sundeck calls it villa on the sea. Luxurious Italian design makes it stand out from others. On the other side it is a very practical long range trawler which will take you anywhere you want.

Sundeck 850

Designed with the aim to re-propose the charm of functionality of a classic leisure ship. Modern, timeless construction makes your choice really easy.

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