Motorhome refrigerator series

The Italian company Vitrifrigo is part of the VAG Group (Vitri Alcesste Group), an international group in the industrial refrigeration sector. They have been present on the market of industrial refrigeration systems for a very long time. All their products, from design to final product, are manufactured in Italy. The company’s policy is based on the continuous development and upgrade of products in the areas of design, quality, practical use and long service life. Vitrifrigo products can be labelled as a combination of the latest technology, elegance and modern style. The official representative for Slovenia is our company.


Tall, slender and powerful. Suitable for use in all indoor areas where high capacity is required, distributed both in the freezer and in the refrigerator.


»CHROMELOCK« is a new series of refrigerators and freezers. The door has been redesigned both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. The new doors with the same dimensions as the previous “AIRLOCK” series are lighter, more solid and can be quickly and easily adjusted using finishers with a thickness of 0.8 to 3.0 mm. They are available in two versions: in matt black or in glossy grey pearl effect. The new CHROMELOCK handle is metallised and tested for more than 150,000 opening/closing cycles and includes a “vent position” that allows the door to be in a slightly open position when the refrigerator or freezer is not in use. The series is designed for all needs and each type of vessel: refrigerator with freezer compartment, only refrigerator with door or drawer openings, and the possibility of choosing an outdoor or indoor refrigeration unit.

The “AIRLOCK” series is available in full and the “CHROMELOCK” series is constantly updated and it is necessary to check which models are already available.


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series are built-in refrigerators/freezers with a top opening and can be installed in confined spaces. They offer excellent performance even in extreme temperatures, and due to their low energy consumption, they are particularly suitable for solar power applications.


Combined refrigerators with a freezer unit, with single and double doors, solve all the needs for large refrigerated spaces. They are ideal for anyone looking for the convenience, functionality and comfort of a home refrigerator.