Ultramarine has been transfering its knowledge and passion for the sea for 30 years. They are engaged in the production of solid, safe, user-friendly and high-quality anchors. Their Ultra Marine anchor has been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping as an anchor with 7 times the strength of conventional anchors. The official representative for Slovenia is our company.


We know how uncomfortable it is when an anchor is turned upside down during anchoring. In the case of world-renowned Ultra anchors, the anchor will always be aligned back to the correct position, due to the correctly distributed weight on the anchor and the patented shape. These two properties ensure maximum functionality and easy and safe anchoring. The anchors consist of a rounded tip filled with lead, a hollow neck for optimal weight distribution, a concave bottom for maximum grip on the seabed, large lateral wings so that the anchor does not give way when the wind or water current changes direction. Ultra anchors are suitable for all types of vessels. The anchor shall be securely mounted on the movable roller. Anchors are available in standard sizes from 5 kg to 200 kg. Anchors up to 360 kg can also be obtained on request.


Raising the anchor can be a difficult and dangerous task, but it can be made easier with the Ultra Flip Swivel. This is a small rotating part that is positioned between the chain and the anchor. The mechanism of the anchor allows the vessel to remain undamaged during the lifting of the anchor. In case of anchor rotation when lifting, the Ultra Flip Swivel mechanism easily turns it to the correct position next to the anchor bracket. The mechanism ensures that the lifting of the anchor is carried out safely. The Ultra Flip Swivel can be used for any anchor and for any type of vessel.