Fall and Winter are the times when most people aren’t on their boats very much. Trips to the seaside aren’t that frequent anymore but nevertheless it’s always good to monitor the state of your vessel. To save you some worries, we suggest you equip your boat with SENTINEL Boat Monitor. It allows you to monitor the state of your vessel remotely, on either your phone, tablet or PC.

Sentinel Boat Monitor can be installed to any vessel. It’s designed to be simple and effective, and most importantly, easy to use. For easier understanding check out some examples of usage below.

Battery monitoring: Sentinel monitors the voltage in your battery banks and notifies you with an alarm on your phone or tablet in case the voltage drops below the critical level. Furthermore, it also shows a charging graph for every battery bank, as well as discharging graph, which is especially helpful if you have solar panels on your boat.

Bilge pumps: In case any bilge pump turns on while you are not on the vessel, Sentinel Boat Monitor will notify you with an alarm pop-up on your phone or tablet. In case of repetitive alarm pop-ups it is safe to assume you have a water leak.

Shore cable: When someone plugs in or plugs out the shore cable, Sentinel will notify you immediately via alarm pop-up on your phone or tablet.

Charging/discharging graph: It shows battery charging and discharging graphs, which is especially helpful if you have solar panels on your boat.

Routes: In addition to everything mentioned above, Sentinel shows your routes and your route history. They are shown in the phone/tablet app with the help of Google Earth map. It shows the following data: highest speed, average speed, duration of sailing and route length. In addition to that, it also offers Geofence function, which alerts you via alarm on your phone or tablet, if your boat has moved from its place.

Company STAL mar d.o.o. is authorized to sell and install SENTINEL Boat Monitor devices. We are providing these services in Slovenia and Croatia.

We are kindly inviting you to contact us on: info@stal.si or call us on: +386 1 4233 540 and we will gladly give you more information about SENTINEL Boat Monitor.

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