The Italian company Vitrifrigo is part of the VAG Group (Vitri Alcesste Group), an international group in the industrial refrigeration sector. They have been present on the market of industrial refrigeration systems for a very long time. All their products, from design to final product, are manufactured in Italy. The company’s policy is based on the continuous development and upgrading of products in the areas of design, quality, practical use and long service life. Vitrifrigo products can be labelled as a combination of the latest technology, elegance and modern style. The official representative for Slovenia is our company.


We offer a wide range of different refrigerators that can meet different space and capacity requirements. Ergonomic, quiet and safe provide the best cooling on board. The new »Airlock« closing system ensures that the refrigerator door cannot open on its own. They can be opened left or right. The »Airlock« system allows you to leave the door open during inoperability, which prevents the formation of unpleasant odours. Interior LED lighting of the refrigerator ensures minimal energy consumption.


In the case of freezers, the Vitrifrigo compressor is not installed on the appliance itself, but is connected to cooling pipes of approx. 1.2 m in length. The compressor shall be located in a suitable location where there is sufficient ventilation. The compressor can only be installed horizontally. The exterior of the freezer is made of stainless steel or aluminium.


Portable refrigeration or freezer chests provide easy portability, have low consumption, quickly reach the desired temperature and are extremely quiet. With a volume of 16 to 65 litres, they are a good alternative to conventional refrigerators or freezers.


Wine cabinets offer the possibility of storing 32, 18 or 10 bottles of wine at the right temperature, even for a longer period.


Ice makers are made of AISI 316 stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials that ensure a long service life. They are high performance and easy to use. You can choose a classic series (12V) or a new series OCX2 (230V).


The »Special Installations« series is designed for compact spaces and offers two new models, D20A and D30A (with drawer coolers/freezers), which represent a revolutionary innovation in terms of both aesthetics and technology. Additional advantages of this series are that the cooling does not diffuse even during many openings during the day, while taking up limited space while maintaining excellent usability. Models BRK35 and C47 CHR are equipped with a practically removable container.